Our Business

HAVI Supply Chain Solutions Japan's End-to-End Services

HAVI Supply Chain Solutions Japan optimizes all aspects of our customers' supply chain management and implements them on their behalf. Services include procurement from suppliers, distribution center inventory management, and distribution of temperature-controlled food items to stores.

One-Stop Shopping

HAVI Supply Chain Solutions Japan offers a one-stop service, supplying all of the materials and services our customers need in one place. Systems are in place to ensure our customers can fulfil all their requirements through HAVI Supply Chain Solutions Japan.

Supply Chain Solution Services

HAVI Supply Chain Solutions Japan will resolve our customers' diverse supply chain challenges, such as streamlining procurement and inventory management, and improving IT systems. We also build supply chain systems on the customer's behalf, freeing our customers to concentrate on their core business.

HAVI's Services

Research Solutions

  • Market research
  • Marketing analytics

Marketing Solutions

  • Brand design and activation
  • Design services

Product Solutions

  • Expert product knowledge
  • Factory sourcing

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Supply chain analytics
  • Inbound freight management
  • Outbound warehousing & distribution
  • Instore logistics
  • Reverse logistics